If you have found a lost, unidentified pet or lost your pet, take several actions immediately: 

  • Enroll in Nextdoor Caves Valley and post your lost/found animal, along with a photo on https://cavesvalley.nextdoor.com
  • Call or text the Association president, Paul Brickman, cell: 410-598-6036 to alert him of your situation and email him your contact info, including cell phone numbers and a photo of the pet, to: Velvet.na@gmail.com. We will send an email blast to all residents who have provided their email addresses to the Neighborhood Association.
  • Post your descriptions on: fidofinder.com/lost-dogs-maryland.php or www.fidofinder.com/found-dogs.php
  • If lost in Baltimore County, email ilostmypet@baltimorecountymd.gov or call Animal Services at: 410-887-PAWS; staff are available seven days a week. Stray pets brought to Baltimore County Animal Services (BCAS) will be held at least three days, counting from the day after the pet arrives. They strongly encourage a contact and visit to the shelter promptly.
  • For an untagged found animal, bring it to a nearby veterinarian who can scan for an inserted chip identifying the owner.
  • Provide some food and water to the animal, as well as appropriate shelter.
  • If not already, order a tag for your pet with your name, cell phone number and address— now, before you forget.