Our neighborhood is bordered by Park Heights Avenue from above Burnside Farm Rd. up to and including Velvet Ridge Rd, and Baronet Road. Within the Velvet Valley-Velvet Ridge streets are Baronet Road, Velvet Valley Court, Celadon Road, Grenadier Court, Verdant Road, Caves Forest Road, Bucksway Road, and Cliffside Court. It also includes adjacent streets off Park Heights Ave. including Rainbow, Susan and Melissa Courts.

The neighborhood is proud to include the Jemicy School Lower Campus on Celadon Rd., which has been a tremendous supporter of our neighborhood interests and a host to many community activities.

All local streets, except Park Heights Ave., are governed by a 25 MPH speed limit, and despite the straight-away driving and downhill temptations, all drivers are urged to respect the speed limit for the safety of our children, pedestrians and dog-walkers.